Easy Life Belt Magnetic is made of very durable military cotton webbing, minimal shaped metal buckle, stylish leather label and finally for this belt specially developed durable elastic with magnet, which is the main part of this product. This part in front of the belt is flexible at exactly determined area which means that it is gently stretched at each body move (e.g. at seating, folding, sheltering, …). That’s why the belt is breathing together with you and your body in all your activities!

Anatomy of the belt
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Our story

Behind the name GIPSY AND CLOWN stands Jaka one of the last qualified tailors in Europe and his girl Janja.

Janja is fashion designer and adores sewing and designing of the clothes.

Jaka started his education in early age and he earned his first snowboard and motocross bike when he was only seven years old in a home workshop, where he energetically drew knowledge.

They are very well educated textile designers, lovers of extreme sports, nature and animals. In free time they also love to paint and create music.

Idea about Easy Life Belt Magnetic was born when Jaka had enough feeling that classic belt limited him in his work and sport activities. Than they found out that people sit more and more each day ‐ some of them even 14 hours a day. Based on this finding they immediately started to work. After a number of trials they created unique Gipsy and Clown belt – Easy Life Belt.

This belt is the only belt in the world, which has inserted the elastic part. The elastic part is located at the front of the belt, because in that part of the body the physical workload is the biggest.

Jaka found manufacturer of high quality military cotton webbing and experts who helped him to develop unique durable elastic part of the belt (which was developed for this belt only). He and his friends tested this belt for more than one year. They were impressed about it and they would not replace it any more for the ordinary belt. When the belt received first positive feedback and fans, it was time for a design. The belt is designed with a lot of sense and love for street wear.

EASY LIFE BELT MAGNETIC breathes with the user. The belt has positive effect on a daily life, user ́s feelings and emotions. You can use it during work, sport or any other free activity you like!


We are proud finalist of of ISPO MUNICH 2016/2017 in Style section.

Find more about on the official ISPO website.

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